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About Forest Creek

Forest Creek is a beautiful subdivision nestled in the Northwest corner of Troy, Michigan surrounded by wooded land, small non-motor lakes, and one of the largest parks in the City of Troy.

2021 Board Members

Denise Ridenour President
M.G. Shapiro Vice President
Denise Sauter Treasurer
Rick DeVisch Member at Large
Clint Bryant Member at Large
Rick Hughes Member at Large
Greg Bockart Member at Large

Annual Meeting

The 2021 annual meeting was at the Stage Nature Center on September 29, 2021.  In addition to the board members, 26 homeowners attended.

The board thanked Chuck Hessler and Nancy Dougher, who are retiring from their positions on the board after many years of service to our community.  Homeowners Clint Bryant, Rick Hughes and Greg Bockart were elected unanimously along with Denise Ridenour, M.G. Shapiro, Denise Sauter and Rick DeVisch.

Click here to view Annual Meeting Minutes

Association Dues

Association dues need to be paid on or before April 30th every year to avoid incurring late fees and other penalties.  For your convenience, dues can be paid securely online via the Forest Creek Subdivision website using the “Payment” option at the top right corner of this website or by remitting your dues to the address noted on the statement.

Subdivision Events

The association board sets aside funds every year for subdivision special events.  If you have an idea for an event and would like to volunteer to organize and plan an event, please let us know! A special event could be a subdivision garage sale, a holiday parade or party, or an adult get together at a nearby establishment.

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Photos and Videos

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HOA Rules & Regulations

Are you a Forest Creek resident or considering moving in to our neighborhood? Learn more about our land use, architectural control, recreational use and more.

Payment Refund Policy:
Forest Creek HOA dues payments
are nonrefundable.

Forest Creek HOA
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