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About Forest Creek

Forest Creek is a beautiful subdivision nestled in the Northwest corner of Troy, Michigan surrounded by wooded land, small non-motor lakes, and one of the largest parks in the City of Troy.

Election of Board Members

The following homeowners were voted in to serve the association at the  special meeting that was held on March 28th.

  • Denise Ridenour
  • Chuck Hessler
  • Nancy Dougher
  • Denise Sauter
  • M.G. Shapiro
  • Rick DeVisch
  • Jeff Orzechowski – nominated from the floor.

Important Dates

Annual Meeting

The subdivision annual meeting will be held on Thursday, May 16th at the Stage Nature Center starting at 7 p.m.  The agenda includes review and ratification of the 2019-2020 budget and updates on community and subdivision news and information.

Important Reminders

Annual homeowner dues statements will be mailed to homeowners shortly.  The deadline for paying dues is April 30th, 2019 to avoid incurring late fees and other penalties.  For your convenience, dues can be paid securely online via the Forest Creek Subdivision website using the “Payment” option at the top right corner of the site or by remitting your dues to the address noted on the statement.

Subdivision Garage Sale

Spring is finally here.  Time to clean out your closets, basement or garage and make some cash.  Volunteers are needed to organize and coordinate the annual subdivision garage sale.  We already have the process outlined in step by step directions for a successful sale.  Let us know if you are interested in spearheading this year’s garage sale.

Special Events

Do you like to party?  Are you a party planner?  Even if you’re not, the association has separate funds set aside for subdivision special events.  We just need ideas and volunteers to organize the next great event.  Can be a kids event, can be an adults and kids event, but who are we kidding, can be just an adult event!

Questions, comments, concerns may be addressed at the annual meeting in person, or via the Contact the Board button above.

Photos and Videos

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HOA Rules & Regulations

Are you a Forest Creek resident or considering moving in to our neighborhood? Learn more about our land use, architectural control, recreational use and more.

Payment Refund Policy:
Forest Creek HOA dues payments
are nonrefundable.

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